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Hello everybody. Today I want to tell a story about how I became a Buddhist.

In the summer of 2011, I joined a trip called “Trip of Guru Yuga” and went to Yaqing temple and Wuming Buddhism college with some Buddhist people. I was told it would be a great trip. And at that time, I almost knew nothing about Buddhism, and just wanted to have fun seeing Tibet.

When we got Yaqing temple, Aqiu Buddha entered parinirvana. Many people queued up to farewell with him. It often rained in that time. But nobody cared about the weather or the muddy road. The line of people was miles long. In addition, many Buddhist monks sat on the wet grass chanting….All of these touched me, and let me feel the power of belief.

I followed our group people to meet many famous masters. One day, a Buddhist brother led us to visit Dakini Zhuo de ba mu. It is said she has magic power. I was very curious. So I told brothers: if Dakini show me magic power today, I will convert to Buddhism. After we got her home, she showed us a stone with her hand-print. Then, a brother took out a picture of her mother in law to ask Dakini where she was. Dakini said, she was not a Buddhist when she was alive and she was in intermediate existence. Another brother asked about her mother, and she was told her mother believed in Guan yin Bodhisattva, so just singing Hundred Syllable Mantra to her is all right. A brother offered some money to Dakini. I thought that’s not good, and doubt where the money will go. I was the last one to leave Dakini’s home, and we came out together. Dakini took me somewhere. She contributed the money to the temple and even asked them to give me a receipt for the brother who gave her the money. And then, she bought some Buddhism prayer beads in a nearby store and asked me to share with the brothers. After I returned, I asked the two brothers who asked questions about their mother in law and mother to make sure it was the truth. Yes, what Dakini said was correct, and one of them was not Buddhist, while the other one was. Since that day, I began to try to know more about Buddhism.

After a few days, some other brothers brought the vajra knot made by Dakini. I never saw a vajra knot before, and was so jealous about how they got such a beautiful knot. Soon, we visited Dakini again. On the way to her home, I told a brother I also want a knot. That brother told me, if the guru made a vajra knot for you, she would suffer from your sin. I hesitated all my way to her home: if I should ask for a knot, as I don’t want Dakini to get hurt because of me. This time, Dakini met us in her yard. Every one gave a Khata to her. To me, she took away my Khata and made a long knot for me without saying anything. In that day, I converted to Buddhism.

The day before we left Yaqing temple, we met Guru Zhuo de ba mu again. I and another brother asked her about our mother respecitively. I just said, Guru, my mother. She immediately said, there is something wrong with your mother’s lung. It is true. My mother had lung cancer. And she said to another brother, your mother’s wind-pipe is not good. It was true also. His mother had asthma for many years. In that moment, I realized the world maybe not that simple as what science taught us.  Guru told us we needed to learn and practice Buddhism after we went back.

After we left Yaqing temple, I followed the group to Wuming Buddhsim college. We met Khenpo Suodaji. I converted without any hesitation. When I got back to Beijing, I joined the courses of Buddi society, and began to learn A Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life. Through the learning, I changed a lot. Before I learned buddhsim knowledge, I was very jealous, greedy, unwise and so on. Step by step, I learn how to self examine, and know what is right or wrong.

I think every brother had some special experience before. For a long time, nobody give a talk in our chat group. I have no other buddhism thing for sharing. Only can talk my own experience for fun. please excuse me. But I did learn sth from this talk. Thank you for your attention.